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New Holland TD5 Tractor

Purchased in 2018, the New Holland tractor is the primary launch vehicle for our D-Class ILB. 

The New Holland has been galvanised and marinised to mitigate against salt water incursion and corrosion of the drivetrain.  It also has a custom-made mud guard which stops the towed boat becoming covered in sand.  The hitch operates off the three point linkage on the back of the vehicle which is used to assist in the launch and recovery of the vessel.

Unlike the Challenger, our New Holland drivers are not required to take additional tests, but undergo thorough training before launching the ILB.


About the New Holland

Name: New Holland

Call Sign: Southport ILB Tractor

Manufacturer/Model: New Holland TD5.115


Weight: 3.25 tonnes

Top Speed:  25mph

Engine: F5C 114hp

Electronics: Garmin GPS and ICOM VHF.

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