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Southport Offshore Rescue Trust
Southport Offshore Rescue Trust is an independent charity that provides a 24-hour lifesaving service around the Southport coast  

News : Lifeboat rescues man trapped by tide

Today (1st July) just before 11am Liverpool Coastguard called out Southport Lifeboat. They requested the immediate launch of the lifeboat to rescue a man, cut off on a sandbank by the incoming tide. The RNLI beach lifeguards at Southport beach also sent a lifeguard to the man, who was being cut off by the flooding tide. When the first lifeguard (Chris, who is also a Southport Lifeboat crew member) arrived on scene, the man, who was a none swimmer was waist deep in water, was starting to panic. Chris used his rescue board to stabilise the man, and he was joined within minutes by a second lifeguard. The Lifeboat had launched and was quickly making itsí way to the casualty avoiding the sandbanks. With the water passing waist deep the casualty was placed onto the rescue board with Chris, to await the arrival of the Lifeboat. The Lifeboat moved in, picked up the casualty, the two lifeguards, and their equipment. It returned to the shoreline for recovery, the casualty was transported to the safety of the slipway where he was handed over to waiting paramedics for a medical check.

Keith Porter, Senior Coxswain said 'The area North of Southport Pier, where this incident occurred, is notorious for its banks and deep gulley's as well as soft sand and mud. The tide moves very quickly and somebody can easily be caught out by the gulley's filling up behind them leaving them cut off from the shore. In this instance it was vital that the correct assistance was sent as soon as possible. The quick response from the RNLI lifeguards, Liverpool Coastguard and ourselves resulted in this gentleman's rescue and prevented possible tragedy.'

RNLI lifeguard supervisor Peter Rooney praised the joint working between the RNLI lifeguards and Southport Independent Lifeboat crews and warned visitors to the area to be aware of the two-mile tidal range. 'The gentleman was very lucky today, the lifeguards and lifeboat crews at Southport responded quickly and effectively but this could have resulted in a more serious outcome. Many visitors to the area are unfamiliar with the two-mile tidal range which changes very quickly.

Both Southport Lifeboat and the RNLI are charities and rely on public donations to continue our vital lifesaving work. To find out about donating to Southport Lifeboat please click here.

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