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Southport Lifeboat - Registered Charity No. 1146805
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Southport Offshore Rescue Trust
Southport Offshore Rescue Trust is an independent charity that provides a 24-hour lifesaving service around the Southport coast  

Personal Kit

Personal Kit

The personal kit is worn when any of the crew goes on the beach or boat. It is there to make sure the crew are safe in any conditions they face. Each crew member has a set of kit so that we can cover the maximum search and rescue area. Different parts of kit are used for different circumstances.

Dry suit: A Northern Diver - black Cortex/red Vortex combination dry suit is used to keep the crew dry on a callout. It has a thick membrane for durability, steel toe boots and latex arm and neck seals. The crew carry a waterproof board and pencil in the pocket for writing down any information they may be relayed.

Lifejackets: A Crewsaver lifejacket is used when the crew are on either of the Lifeboats. Each jacket provides buoyancy for the crew at all times for when they enter the water, but can be inflated manually by mouth or pull cord in an emergency. Each jacket has a torch, a flare, a knife, a lifeline and a whistle attached.

When on the Quad Bikes or beach search, smaller Ocean Safety jackets are used to provide better mobility for the crew.

Head Gear: Gecko helmets are used on both lifeboats and on the quad bikes. The set used on the main lifeboat have a built in headphone and microphone, for use through the onboard intercom system. The intercom provides communication between the whole crew and is also linked into the radio and megaphone.

Unmodified Gecko helmets are used on Southport IRB.

The helmets used on the quad bikes have been fitted with headphones which are linked into the radio so the crew can hear any transmissions when travelling at full speed.

Thermals: Each crewman has a different preference over the thermals they wear. In the cold of winter, fleece woolly bear suits are worn underneath the dry suit to offer an extra layer of warmth. Neoprene gloves are worn to keep the hands warm and a hat and thick pair of socks are never far away.

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Latest news
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